Our Classes

At KDS, we offer a wide range of classes dedicated to providing our dancers with a well-rounded education in all styles of dance. All of our classes place a strong focus on technique, the fundamentals of dance, and familiarizing our students with proper dance vocabulary. We hold classes at every level through beginner to advanced, teaching students ages 2-18. Take a look at the classes we offer below.


Acrobats is the extraordinary performance of balance, agility, and motor coordination. Students challenge themselves mentally and physically by improving their tumbling skills.


 Ballet is the foundation for all dance techniques. It shapes the body into correct form, discipline, grace, strength, balance and control which is needed for all forms of dance.


Contemporary is a dance form that combines both modern dance and classical ballet elements. Contemporary dance employs many modern dance techniques such as contract-release, fall and recovery, floor work, improvisation, and lifts in partnering.


Hip-hop refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop or rap music. Dancers use this style to stray from technique and incorporate their own style and attitude.


 Jazz dance focuses on learning proper technique such as isolations of the body, improving performance quality and developing rhythms and patterns. Jazz is quick in pace and emphasizes strength, leaps, turns, and stunts.


Lyrical fuses modern, ballet, and jazz techniques to challenge dancers to use emotion, choreography, and music to express a story set in motion.


Modern is an intense style of dance; focusing on strength, balance, energy exchange, and the use of momentum while connecting breath with movement. Here we focus on the Horton technique, incorporating elements of Graham and Limon.


 Tap is designed to help students develop rhythm, style, and sound. We focus on counting music, maintaining pace, and creating sounds.

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre focuses on learning proper dance technique while exploring the various dance styles used in Broadway shows. Class curriculum is based on both ballet and jazz foundations while learning performance skills such as connecting with the audience and telling a story through dance and facial expressions.

Please note that we do not post our dance class schedule online. We encourage all families to come to one of our open house registrations so that one of our staff members can assist you with class placements. You are also welcome to call the studio or email kathiagovino@gmail.com to inquire about our schedule. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this manner.

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