Recital Information

Our annual recital at KDS is the culmination of many hours of hard work and preparation by our students, families, and staff. At our recital, we showcase the dances our students and teachers work so diligently on throughout the year. At KDS, we take pride in presenting the most professional show possible.

Participation in the recital is not mandatory, but all deadlines must be met in order to be included in the performance. If a student is not planning on participating in the recital, written notice must be given to the studio no later than November 1, 2019. There will be no refunds for costume deposits.

Our 2020 rehearsal and recital dates will be announced shortly. We will also send out a recital packet later in the year that will include special information that will explain all of the recital requirements to make this process as easy and enjoyable as possible for our clients.

Stay tuned for more information on the rest of our recital related events like portrait day, ticket day, and more! Be sure to check the website for updates and don’t hesitate to call or email the studio with any questions.

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